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SHOP CLOSED: We wanted to share that we closed the bakery at the end of July. We have decided to move in another direction, take advantage of some new opportunities, and spend time with our young families. It has been an amazing four years of learning new things, meeting all of you wonderful people, and building something we will always find special.

All of the current orders placed, weddings, clients that are in the books, and commitments made up to this point will be honored. Our dedication to quality will be upheld until we close the doors. If you have concerns regarding an existing order you are welcome to email us or give us a call. If you would like to place future orders we would be happy to accommodate anything you have in mind for the next few months.

If you are interested in purchasing the space, the equipment, or combination of both please reach out to Ruth And Ranshaw @ gmail . com (no spaces).

Thank you for being part of an incredible adventure. – Clair & Colleen


Stop in and chat with us! We are happy to sit down and create a menu or design that fits your personal style.

We accept orders through the contact form below, via e-mail (ruthandranshaw (at), by phone (828-338-9854), in person at the shop, or on our simple cake order form located HERE.
**Orders for Tuesday and Wednesday should be placed no later than Saturday at 6pm.
**Orders for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday pick-up should be placed no later than Wednesday at 4pm.
All of our cakes and pies are baked to order. Always fresh, never frozen. Due to our commitment to quality and the size of our staff we are unable to accept same day orders. We do not have any available full cakes or pies for walk-in pick-up. We do have a large assortment of individual dessert items for pick-up daily, for more information please see our ‘Today for Pick Up’ page located: HERE.
If you are directed straight to voicemail we are on the other line with another customer,
please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Tuesday – Thursday: CLOSED
Friday – Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday – Monday: CLOSED
No longer valid
Please feel free to contact us immediately by filling out the form below –>