About Us

82_519974350368_5098_nAt Ruth & Ranshaw’s we love to cater to those who  might want to think out of the “cake box” and provide interesting, and delicious dessert choices for their guests. Our dessert tables are a great addition to weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, showers, or other any festivities that you are looking to host. Of course we also create customized wedding cakes for the big day or simpler, discount versions if you are hosting something small or working with a budget. Let us help you plan everyone’s favorite part of the meal and we promise we’ll have all of your guests leaving with a sweet memory that will be just a bit different!

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               Colleen Baxter and Clair Baxter

CCC-130310-Web-059Colleen Baxter is co-owner and head baker at Ruth & Ranshaw’s. She has a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and a passion for creating delicious and decadent desserts. Colleen developed a sweet tooth at a very young age and began this business sharing homemade treats with friends and neighbors. Word of her incredible creations began to spread and she decided to open her business up to outside clients. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment to specialized sweets is unmatched. She has been trained in the areas of Petit Fours, Classical and European Pastries, Tortes, Special Occasion Cakes, Chocolate Artistry, and Plated Desserts.


Clair Baxter is Colleen’s business partner and older sister. Clair built and manages the ‘Ruth & Ranshaw’ Web site, Facebook Page, and Twitter account. She is also a collector of all things vintage and fun. Clair spends hours hunting down furniture, dishware, boxes, crates, and cake platters to create specialized dessert tables. She is always up for a challenge and loves to search for customized pieces for weddings, themed parties and special events. If you have a unique color pallet or specific request for your order you can speak directly with Clair to work on made-to-order cake toppers or special finds.